Welcome to Baobab Consult

Baobab Legal, Economic and Engineering Solutions trading as Baobab Consult is a professional advisory and consulting company.

Baobab Consult was first established in 2001. It has later been reorganised and the activities have boomed and the company has an active portfolio of work all over the Southern African region.

The members of Baobab Consults have collectively worked in more than 20 countries all over the world and have a vast experience in development and consulting work. 

Baobab Consult performs specialised services within four focus areas:

Climate Change and Energy including mitigation, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Services include policy work, legal drafting, regulatory solutions, finance and institutional capacity building.
Sector economics economic, social and regulatory streamlining including impact assessment.
Programme and project formulation, management, review, monitoring and evaluations mainly in the fields of economic development, infrastructure, natural resources and agriculture.
Institutional capacity building and skills development

The name Baobab symbolises the value of the company. 

We argue that we provide lasting solutions change is a process that we enjoy being
part of and we enjoy facilitation of processes. We support our Customers to build sustainable solutions and remain committed until all the deliverables are met.

Baobab Consult is a VAT registered company in the Republic of South Africa.

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